ACTS 435

Acts 435 is a national Christian charity that connects people

who want to help with those that have a need.

It is a giving website that allows people to give money directly to

others, and 100% of what is donated via Acts 435 goes directly to

those in need.

Over the years Acts 435 has helped many people who are struggling

financially. If the unexpected happens, the washer or cooker

breakdown a bed or carpet is needed and there is no means of

repairing or replacing it. Acts 435 maybe can help.

Make an appointment with Client Support at Westway Open Arms

who will put you in touch with our Acts 435 Advocate who will listen

to your request and try and help.

Can you make a difference to someone in need today?

When so many people need so much help giving to charities and

good causes can sometimes feel overwhelming and hard. Acts 435

puts people who want to help in touch with people who are in need,

through a network of churches and local charities. Acts 435 enables

virtual, online giving for specific needs.

Visit our website and give directly to those you want to help.

Our website gives you the opportunity to donate towards the

specific, practical needs of individuals facing poverty or hardship.

Please give generously to support people in need.